Disqus Enables FriendFeed Sync

Disqus-73x73_biggerI just saw a tweet from @disqus declaring that you can now pull/post Disqus comments with FriendFeed!  Of course, I have immediately enabled it, and we will see how well it works.

The process to enable the integration is fairly simple (steps blatantly stolen from the Disqus blog post):

  1. Visit Account Services
  2. Click Enabled
  3. Retrieve your FriendFeed Remote Key and fill in the blanks
  4. Then, visit The Administration Panel
  5. Choose Your Site from the drop-down
  6. Click the Settings tab
  7. Check FriendFeed comments

If you don’t already have your blog in FriendFeed, add these additional steps:

  1. Visit The FriendFeed Services Page
  2. Click Blog
  3. Add your RSS feed

If you want the full story with illustrated steps, I recommend checking out the Disqus Blog post.

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  • EricaJoy

    Really? I just turned it on, lets see if it works.

  • Daniel Ha

    I really hope so!

  • Phil Glockner

    Ok, FF discussion for this post here. Let's see if the magic of 2-way-sync works.

  • crabasa

    Wait, are they saying that they're going to sync both ways?? I'm not sure how that would work (coming from first-hand experience). I'll be curious to see!

  • Phil Glockner

    I may have made a hasty assumption. The Disqus blog says “pull/post”.. not “push/pull.” So, I would have to defer the answer to Daniel, or wait until it is answered on the Disqus blog.

  • Corvida

    Does this eliminate the need for Glenn Slaven's plugin?

    Thanks for the update Phil!

  • Phil Glockner

    In theory, it will partially replicate what Glenn's “FriendFeed Comments” plugin does, except I don't believe “likes” are displayed. Plus it looks like it may only aggregate on the blog side, similar to what FFtoDisqus does.

  • nicefishfilms

    Thank you Phil, I missed their Tweet. I've noticed that Disqus comments show up of FF very fast even before this syncing.

  • Phil Glockner

    Yes, Disqus enabled SUP pretty early on, it makes comments appear almost instantaneously in FriendFeed, which IMO is very cool.

  • Phil Glockner

    It does look like it will sync both ways inside the FriendFeed section of the Disqus comments area. If you are logged in to Disqus and have FriendFeed registered with your API key on your profile, you will see a comment input field down there.

  • Daniel J. Pritchett

    Congrats on rolling out this feature, Daniel! It looks great thus far and the only thing I'd like to add would be rolling the FF comments count into the overall total for each blog post. On this page for instance we can see “VIEWING 10 COMMENTS” (well, 11 after this one) but the three or so FF comments aren't rolled up into the total.

    Since readers are more likely to click through on a post with some ongoing conversation a blogger is naturally going to want to be able to trumpet each and every comment they can claim.

  • JOhn

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  • jaampool

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  • ywam

    I love disqus, I can control and manage my comment.. : )