The new iPad killer app: Dictation

I upgraded from the original iPad 2 the
Because I really love the screen. It’s gorgeous. Super high-resolution beautiful and so easy to read.

But recently I realized that it has one hidden feature that makes it way better than both prior generations of iPad. The future? It’s dictation. Thanks to the built-in dictation prompts this thing transcribes what I’m saying perfectly. It’s really incredible. And, it’s totally free. Although I’m really terrible at dictating my thoughts, I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time until I start to get better and my speaking becomes more readable if that’s the thing.

Anyway I’m just testing posting to my WordPress blog with the dictation feature and Safar’s it’s really great. I’m not going to correct any of the mistakes but this is making so that you can see just how accurate it is.

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